Dear Radius Friends, Fans & Family,

We have reopened Radius for contactless call-in or online orders & pick up. While our staff is now very small -- our love of pizza is LARGE!
We are excited to offer a safe, secure online ordering experience for you and a pick-up process that keeps the social distancing a priority. Or you can keep it "old school" and call us with your order 919.245.0601 Please check back often as we add more menu items.

We are grateful to all of you who have supported us and

our excellent staff.


We can't wait to cook for you!
Mick & Kate Carroll


We've just launched an initiative called #HILLSBOROUGHSTRONG to help aid all service workers in our amazing town who have lost their jobs and their income, and we need your help to spread the word. Pass this message along to anyone you know who has been affected by this crisis directly, or who would be able to help someone who is.

For all affected town of Hillsborough service workers out there, here's a link to the Google Form to submit your information:…/1FAIpQLSdB7E2OVlfb0kefFM…/viewform

Submissions will appear here once we get them:…/1qt1fxKngc2U60gU0fvXMyUHDh2…/edit…

You'll be able to help these folks in one of two ways:
1. Direct a virtual 'tip' to any service worker on the list, via their individual Venmo account(which you'll see on the list)
2. Make a tip or donation to our group Venmo called @HillsboroughStrong at any time, starting now( We will wait until the list of names hits 100 people, upon which time we will distribute ALL funds in the group Venmo equally among every name on the list. After that, each time the group Venmo hits $1000, we will again distribute funds to EVERY name on the list, and we will keep doing this for as long as it takes.

Our one and only aim with the #HILLSBOROUGHSTRONG project is to direct immediate funds into the hands of those who need them most. The best thing about Hillsborough, far and away, is our awesome and supportive community. Right now, a large segment of that community has lost their primary means of supporting themselves and their families. Let's rally together, in the spirit of our town, to help them. 

Spread the word on this folks, please.

(Original Post By Dean James)

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